Keep Calm & Binge Watch a TV Show: Part I (Stranger Things)

Keep Calm & Binge Watch a TV Show: Part I (Stranger Things)

By: Mr Write-ster


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By now, every Malaysian would’ve known that the recent significant rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the Malaysian Government to declare the implementation of a partial lockdown on the entire nation under the Movement Control Order.

Beginning from 18th till 31st of March 2020, all business premises (except those providing essential services) would be temporarily closed. That means no mass gathering or social events, no working out with your gym pals at the gym, no TGIF nights at the pubs, no movie dates, no yumcha sessions with buddies at your favourite mamak shop!

With the restriction in effect, it’s likely that some folks may experience changes to their daily routines. Walao eh, what to do ah like that?!

Frankly speaking, this partial lockdown isn’t as bad as it sounds! For starter, it helps keep us safe from contracting the virus. And you finally got the time to do some self-reflection or something that you’ve always been talking about doing.

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During this restriction period, Rilex-Lah shall actively share interesting and exciting contents in an effort to minimize your misery of not being able to enjoy the sweet outdoor activities.

Welcome to the world of the introverts! And what better ways than binge watching an awesome TV show to keep yourself occupied until the end of the restriction period? All right folks! Grab your snacks, drinks and remote… For our first recommendation is to start binge watching STRANGER THINGS.

STRANGER THINGS (2016 – Present)

No. of Season(s): 3

No. of Episodes Aired: 25

Runtime Per Episode: 42 – 77 Minutes

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Created by The Duffer Brothers, the Netflix original series STRANGER THINGS is set in the early 80s. The story takes place in Hawkins, a peaceful and quiet Midwestern town located in the state of Indiana. Or so it seems…

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Behind the tranquillity of the town lies a dark secret, a government conspiracy involving the experimentations on children to develop mind-control techniques.

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All hell breaks loose when one of the child test subjects accidentally made contact with a creature from a mirrored dimension called the Upside Down, resulting in a breach of an inter-dimensional gateway that unleashes the creature into the human world.

As one local child is kidnapped by the inter-dimensional creature, his mother (played by Winona Ryder), the town’s police chief (played by David Harbour) and a group of friends work together to find him and uncover the mystery behind his disappearance.

If mystery and thriller is your thing, then STRANGER THINGS is something you’ll find binge watching easily as each episode normally ends with a cliff-hanger. Plus, a bonus if you’re born a Generation X or millennial as you can relate to the show’s 80s ambiance. Even the intro of the show and choice of music are made to feel like an 80s TV show.

STRANGER THINGS first debuted in 2016 and received positive acclaims from both viewers and critics alike. Renewal for a fourth season has been made. IMDb gave STRANGER THINGS a rating of 8.8/10.0 stars.

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Three seasons has been aired since with a total of 25 episodes and each episode normally last between 42 to 77 minutes. So, this should help keep you and your loved ones occupied until the end of the restriction period. But if STRANGER THINGS isn’t your cup of tea, more recommendations will be up soon!

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