Last-Minute Shoppers’ Guide to Christmas Gifts

Last-Minute Shoppers’ Guide to Christmas Gifts

By: Mr Write-ster


“Aiya! Christmas is still six months away. Still got time! Rilex lah!”

Narrator: Six months later…

*screams frantically

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Ho ho ho! It’s that time of the year again. The sweet joy of Christmas is in the air. There’s nothing better than to spend some quality time with your loved ones, family and friends during this delightful year-end holiday season. Christmas is less than a week… which means that this is also the last weekend for you to do your last-minute shopping for Christmas gifts. As Malaysians, this is totally relatable. Some of us just prefer to put things off till the last minute, kan? *psss… it’s okay, we do that too sometimes*

As time is running out, you begin to feel anxious, thinking why didn’t you do your shopping earlier? What gifts are you planning to get? What is something you could get that is different from last year’s Christmas? No worries, while the admins at Rilex-lah aren’t miracle workers, we got you covered. Sort of lah… Today’s topic should give you a little idea on what kind of last-minute Christmas gifts to buy for your loved ones, family and friends.

Gift Cards

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Seriously ah? Well, it’s a last-minute thing, you can’t be too fussy about it. Hear us out. While gift cards may strike an impression that the person is lazy and cincai, they actually have a couple of benefits too.

Sometimes, we may not appreciate the gifts someone get for us (though we can’t exactly say it out loud lah without sounding ungrateful). If you look on the bright side, a gift card allows the receiver to buy what they actually want or need. Plus, they could also put the gift card to good use by spending the credits during peak sale times.

Of course, you don’t just randomly buy any gift card for someone. You want the gift cards to have some values to the person. So, here’s where you need to be attentive on what kind of gift cards to get for who. Knowing the person’s interest might help you with that.

If someone is fond with clothing or apparels, you can get a fashion’s brand gift card like Uniqlo. If someone is an avid coffee lover, a Starbucks or any coffeehouse gift card would be fitting. If someone enjoys gaming, then get a Steam or Playstation Store (PSN) gift card. You can also select gift cards according to situations. If someone happens to just move into a new home, new furniture might be needed. An IKEA gift card would do fine (or you can just get them the furniture itself). For practical individuals who commutes by car often, a petrol station gift card could be a good option.

Sure, gift cards may not be the most ideal Christmas gift, it certainly isn’t the worst for a last-minute gift shopping option. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Movie/Anime Collectible Toys

Believe it or not, toys actually make great gifts. After all, Christmas isn’t called the season of joy for nothing. If you know someone who is crazy about a specific movie or anime character, a collectible figurine could be the right gift for them.

Let’s say if you know someone who likes Iron Man, you could get him or her an Iron Man collectible figure. As there are many toy manufacturers that produces collectibles of different qualities, prices of the collectible may vary according to the brand you choose. So, it all depends on your budget allocation for this year’s Christmas gifts.

(Image Credit: Figure Fam)

If you’ve decided to go for collectibles as Christmas gifts, you can approach FIGURE FAM for some in-stock collectibles. FIGURE FAM is an online toy store that brings in a variety of collectible figures from different lines. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, Digimon and more. Do take note that some collectibles are subjected to availability as some of them may require pre-orders to be placed.

*just to clarify, this isn’t a paid article, we’re just doing the last-minute peoples a service. 😛

Model Kits

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Unlike collectible figures, model kits require assembly and takes patience to build. Nothing makes a model kit enthusiast happier than to receive a toy model kit during the festive seasons. You can see them blissfully assembling their toys and could spend hours or days working on them. In case you’re wondering which brand to get, the current renowned brand for model kits would be Bandai, a Japanese toy manufacturing toy-producer company that is known to produce high quality plastic model kits.


(Image Credit: Hobby Link Japan)

Model kits may also work as a good gift for those who like adorable looking characters. Like this lovable Pikachu model kit from Bandai. Unlike those highly detailed Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model for short) mechs, you don’t have to worry too much about the assembly process of this figurine as it won’t take long to build.

Model kits are the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts as you should be able to purchase them easily from most local hobby shops. If you live in Kuala Lumpur or happen to be in town, you can visit PLA+ STUDIO at Genting Klang. Run by two brothers, the hobby shop carries a wide range of model kits from Bandai, such as Gunpla mechs, Star Wars, Pokemon and more. A Christmas promotion is currently on at the hobby shop. Find out more on their Facebook page.

*again, not a paid article. Just doing a service for the last-minute shoppers ^_^


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Yes! A book is another ideal last-minute Christmas gift for someone who loves to read. Then again, the same rule applies. Not all books are someone’s cup of tea. Knowing what sort of genre does the person likes is important. Is it science fiction? Romance? Thriller? Mystery? Or philosophical ones? You’ll need to be observant about what kind of book the person reads. If you live with them, see the kind of books they have in their rooms. Maybe the books they always carry with them wherever they go. Or sometimes even photos of the books they post on their social media. These should help give you some clues to the kind of books they prefer.


(Image Credit: Books Kinokuniya Singapore)

If someone likes reading books with pictures, you can always get them a visual dictionary. From the book, readers can find amazing visual illustrations, write-ups and biographies of characters, locations and items. You’ll know it’s the right one when you see them get all excited and happily indulged in the book you got for them.

Plush Toys

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Last but not least, a plush toy (or soft toy) could also serve as a quick last-minute Christmas gift. Plush toys are like the ultimate gifts that work in almost any special occasion. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a graduation ceremony, anniversary, birthdays or even Christmas, you can almost always see them. This is probably because the cute and cuddly plush is like the fast food of the toy industry. They can be easily found almost anywhere. Obtaining them is as convenient as cooking up a packet of instant noodles.

That being said, sometimes giving plush toys as gift may display a lower level of sincerity. So, try to get a plush that comes with a Christmas theme, like a teddy bear wearing a Christmas hat or something. You can also try to improvise a little bit. Design a lovely Christmas greeting card and stick the card onto the hands of the plush. This gives the illusion that the cute plush comes together with a personal greeting. If not, sticking a gift card as mentioned above is also not a bad idea. That way, you could probably save yourself from appearing insincere while making your loved ones, family or friends happy with their gifts.

Hopefully our article could give you some insights on what kind of last-minute Christmas gifts you can get for your loved ones, family and friends. Happy last-minute shopping! Until the next topic, from all of us at Rilex-lah, we wish you ahead a very blessed and Merry Christmas! May this wonderful holiday season bring you abundance of joy and happiness!


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