Questions to Expect from Relatives during CNY

Questions to Expect from Relatives during CNY 

By: Mr Write-ster

Nothing is lovelier than a heart-warming family reunion. The Chinese New Year is one of those times when families come together to share their joy and stories with one another. As delightful as it sounds, the festive season is also the time of the year where some of your prying relatives would shoot you with those unbearable and awkward questions, some of which could probably hurt your confidence and self-esteem. 

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Today, Rilex-lah is going to mentally prep you for those questions and how you could respond to them. Here are the top 7 questions you can expect from those nosey relatives that you’re likely to bump into during Chinese New Year:

“Where’s your boyfriend/girlfriend ah?”

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This question is basically inevitable, especially for the singles. For some reasons, your love life means a lot to your relatives. So, until you get yourself a partner and introduce them to your relatives back at your kampung, you can expect to be stuck with this question for a little while longer. In the meantime, here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “No boyfriend/girlfriend yet leh. You have someone in mind for me, is it?”
*who knows if your relatives really have someone to recommend you leh?
Witty: Aiya, last minute couldn’t rent a boyfriend/girlfriend on time to bring back kampung and show you. Next year lah!”
“Oh, my boyfriend/girlfriend is an international artist that always travel one, even during holiday seasons.” *show relatives a picture of a random celebrity

“When you get married ah?”

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If you’re lucky, this could be the year you finally bring your partner back to your kampung. So, you thought to yourself that the days of enduring the unbearable question of “where’s your partner” are finally over. Hold that thought! Now, you’re about to deal with the next insufferable question of when are you both going to tie the knot. Here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “Oh, marriage is a big deal. We need to settle down first and earn more money.”
Witty: “Don’t be surprised ah! But I’m planning to get married on my wedding day.”
“Not yet leh! Because I still want to get Ang Pau from you every year ma!”

“When you going to have kids?”

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So, you finally got married! You had a lovely wedding where your family and friends were all there. You also had a romantic honeymoon with partner. Life is wonderful. Then, when you’re back for a CNY reunion, your relatives start bombarding you with the question of when are you going to reproduce to continue the family bloodline. Here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “My husband/wife and I talked about it before liao. We want to have financial stability before we start a family. 
Witty: “When I’m as rich as you lo!” *fake a smile*
“Myself also tak cukup makan liao. How to let my kids makan leh?”

“How much you earning now?”

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“Your cousin, Ah Seng now earning 10k every month leh! He sells don’t know that what insurance thing.” Ah… The comparing game. No one likes to be compared with, directly or indirectly. There’s no denying that some relatives like to go around boasting about how successful their children are or how much money they make. However, don’t let this work you up and make you feel inferior about yourself. You don’t have to impress them. Remember that your worthiness is not defined by monetary or success! Here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “Okay, okay la. Can survive also, enough for me to live steadily.”
Witty: “Actually, I eat roti every day to survive only. Really not enough.” T_T 
*try faking a cry and maybe they’ll give you a bigger Ang Pau; you’d probably receive an Oscars for Best Actor/Actress too

“Why you so fat/skinny now?”

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When it comes to physical body, there’s no such thing as in between or just right with some relatives. They either think you’ve put on weight or you’re malnourished. Fret not about what other people think of your physical body. Your satisfaction towards your own body image is all that matters. Here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “Aiya, bo bian (there’s no other way)! After Christmas, it’s New Year… then Chinese New Year again. Impossible not to get gain weight.” (fat) 
“Oh, because I exercise a lot. My metabolism is also very high” (skinny) 
Witty: “Because you’re (or some other overweight relatives) my role model ma!” (fat) 
“I’m now a model for a fashion show ma, have to look out for my body weight.” (skinny)
*relatives who couldn’t understand sarcasm would actually believe you

“How’s your study? Graduate already?”

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“You study so many years liao, still haven’t graduate ah?” This is meant for those who are still struggling to clear whatever remaining papers they have left in their studies. As admins were also once students, we can empathize the struggles of being one. What some of the relatives don’t know is that sometimes studying is not as easy as it seems, especially working adults who are doing part-time studies or enrolled in professional courses. Here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “Not yet *fake a smile*, but I am getting there already.”
Witty: Aiya, if it’s that easy, everyone would’ve done it lah.”

Why you no approve me on Facebook ah?”

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This one is probably the least intolerable question of the list. So, we are taught to always be careful when making friends on social media. It’s a good practice to avoid approving any friend request sent by someone you don’t know personally. Sometimes these requests come from your relatives, some of which you have never met before. The worst part is that some don’t even use their own photos as profile pictures. Hence, during family reunions, they’re likely to bug you with the question of why didn’t you accept their friend requests. Here’s how you could respond:

Polite: “Oh, I am hardly active on social media nowadays also lah. Pai seh ah, I approve now.”
*don’t forget to change your privacy setting if you don’t want your relatives stalking you on social media
Witty: “Sorry leh, didn’t know it was you. I scared later kena stalked and kidnapped by bad guys.”
“Sorry leh, didn’t know it was you. I thought it was a Transformer since the profile photo is a picture of car.”
*be creative, adjust your response according to the situation

Bonus Scenario:

You: Gong Xi Fa Cai, aunty!

Late 40s Relative: What aunty? Call me jie jie!”

Then, there are some aunties in their early to late 40s who want you to address them as jie jie (sister in Mandarin) before giving you an Ang Pau. But hey, if it means scoring a bigger one by addressing them the way they want us to, we’re not complaining.

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Of course, be mindful of your responses la. Some of those witty responses are meant to lighten up the mood, but not as means to offend your relatives. The last thing you want is for them to call you “bo dua bo seh” (being disrespectful to the elderly). So, only use them at your discretion lah, okay? 

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Just to wrap things up, we all live our own lives and we don’t necessarily always need everyone’s approval. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not worth letting some of those questions ruin the moment. From all of us at Rilex-Lah, we wish our readers a safe journey back to your kampung and a prosperous Chinese New Year! May this auspicious Year of the Rat bring you and your family an abundance of joy, good fortune, health and wealth! HUAT AH!


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